What is the Challenge 321?

The Challenge 321 is an international contest for short Diaporamas with a max runtime of 3:21 Minutes.
This short runtime is the "Challenge" for the Authors.
Until 2014 the contest was organized by the french photo club Gaphe in Hayange (France), lead by Ricardo Zarate.
After a two years break the contest is now continued by a German team.

How it works

The authors send their AV-sequences to the organizers in Germany by web tranfer.
The organizers will distribute the AVs to varios hosts in several countries for judging.
Each host returns a ranking and the organizers will create a total ranking.
The best authors will get a money award which is founded by the entry fees.

Note for PayPal users see step by step guideline

If you pay the entry fee by PayPal, please ensure to send the money to "friends and family" and not
to pay for goods or services.
Only money transfers to "friends and family" are without a fee for the receptor. Thank you for your cooperation.