Step 1 - Enter your data

Click on the blue button to open the online form. Fill in some data about you and your AV sequence and submit.
The form is open: 15. Januar 2024 – 15. März 2024

Step 2: Send your files via wetransfer

Click on the blue button to open the wetransfer web service in a new page.

Add all your files by clicking on the '+' symbol.
We need the following files from you:

screenshot of wetransfer form
  • your show (as possible H.264 / MP4), use the title as file name
  • a picture from your show, use the title as file name
  • a portrait from you, use your name as file name (first-last name)
  • optional any further description of your show, use the title as file name
  • The destination email address is:
    (should be already filled in, please check)

    Enter your email address in the source email field (needed to get confirmations)

    The message is: Challenge submission from (please add your name)

    Click on the Send button to start the transfer.

    You will get email confirmations on completed upload and on completed download.

    Step 3: Send the fee of 10 Euro to our account.

    Use either:

  • PayPal (preferred):   pay money to:, see hint below
  • Bank transfer:   Receiver: Achim A. H. Maier, IBAN: DE90 1203 0000 1075 8319 15, BIC: BYLADEM1001
  • In case you need the street address of the receiver, please ask by email.

    Note for PayPal users see step by step guideline

    If you pay the entry fee by PayPal, please ensure to send the money to "friends and family" and not
    to pay for goods or services.
    Only money transfers to "friends and family" are without a fee for the receptor. Thank you for your cooperation.


    You will find your submission within a few days on the website.

    Any questions? write to